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I’m sorry på We Heart It.


I am addicted to my own self destruction ..

(Source: asteria-astrina)

" No no no, Darling, you don’t understand.
When I say I can’t breathe I don’t mean I need my inhaler,
unless it is something that can put a soul back into these
empty bones because my God, I am disappearing
into a black background and no one can see that I don’t
exist anymore.
People are pulling this corpse in a million different directions and
it’s just a matter of time before I turn to dust in their
fingers but they will still pull because
they can’t imagine me as anything but perfect
Even when I’ve sliced my soul into pieces to give the ones I
love, they give me nothing in return.
There is a pit in my stomach and I am dying in front of your
eyes but it seems as if these people around me don’t even
mind. "

- hi i am the poet c.n.p and these are the things i write when i really want to kill myself (via thesoulpages)

(Source: re-vulsion)